Different Machines Used For Custom Metal Fabrication

In order to learn about the concept of custom metal fabrication, one must first understand the basic meaning of metal fabrication. The word metal fabrication is used to define the process of working metal into different shapes and sizes and then working them into different structures and applications. For example, a sheet metal that may be cut to a particular shape by a professional metal fabricator and then used for a specific application. Structural steel, also known as cold-rolled steel, is often used in structural engineering and design of buildings. When looking for the best sheet metals, hot-dip galvanized steel is preferred over the standard galvanized sheet metal.

In order to learn the different processes that are involved in custom metal fabrication, it helps to have an understanding of the machines that are used. The processes that are used for cutting, punching, shaping, welding, and bending are generally classified as machines. A CNC (Computer Numerated Control) machine is a machine that controls the cutting, punching, shaping, and bending of the metal by digitally controlling the operations. Many machines are able to perform several operations at once, which is one of the reasons they are so efficient.

When looking for a machine that performs these tasks, it is often helpful to talk to a machine shop expert or representative who can provide the best advice and services. There are a number of machines that can be used in the process of custom metal fabrication and these include Geared rods, which are used to cut and shape the raw metal stock without needing to join or clinch it; EDM electrodes which are electrical forms used in shaping and welding; punch presses which punch holes using mandrels; tapping machines that send a tapping motion to align the edges of the material; pressing machines that press the raw metal stock into desired shapes; forging machines that forge metal into desired shapes such as round, square, diamond and other round or irregular shaped items and press them into place with a hammer; and grinders which grind the material to different specifications. Some of these machines are portable and/or semi-portable, while others are designed to be stationary and are often powered by internal or external engines. Whatever the type of machine(s) being used, the final product will likely be well worth the time and effort spent on custom metal fabrication.


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